Porpendorf Creation Myth

In the beginning, there was Love.  Then everything; then nothing.  Then Mother Earth came through.  She developed a nervous system of humans, designed to transmit all the Love of the universe into Earth's body.  Yet, with the invention of time, the Love from which everything emerged, faded.  Earth and her nervous system lived shrouded under blankets of fear for a long time, and nobody even noticed.

Then a virus-like inspiration for a new way infected some humans, which spread rapidly through Earth's nervous system, tearing off covers of the sleeping ones.  At the time, many felt as if the world would end.  Finally, the infectious fever of resistance broke in 2012, and things started to turn around.   At this time, many more people woke up, discovered their role on this planet, and integrated newfound Love into their hearts. 

A mythical Porpendorf appears!

A mythical Porpendorf appears!

Working together to shift all relations of sentient beings, many began deepening awareness of personal blockages and breaking age-old patterns, which in turn, collectively upgraded Earth's entire nervous system of humans to be able to feel more.  Still, there was much reconnection to be done, and many of the human-sensors needed more assistance to continue to upgrade the nervous system of the planet.  

In 2015, the cetacean family decided they wanted another kin to assist them in holding the Love and Unity vibration.  So, the whales, dolphins and porpoises inspired Lily Rothrock to conceive of a new way.  Soon, she birthed the mythical Porpendorf from her head (with labored assistance from her community). 

The medicine of playful Porpendorf brings wisdom of the hearts to all beings, reminding us to speak our truth, and to move only when the energy moves us.  Porpendorf's winged fin was given to him by it's cousin, Athena. 

Now, you are invited to dive into the cyber-world of this website to discover these gifts for yourself.